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Atkinson Grimshaw - Master of Moonlight

by Alexandra Epps

Monday 24 October 2022

As one of the great painters of the Victorian era Atkinson Grimshaw created some of its most beautiful atmospheric paintings. In rain and mist, moonlight and gaslight, the River Thames, city streets, winding lanes and grimy docks all appear as if clothed in poetry and mystery. Discover the unique vision of the ‘master of moonlight’ - an artist who transformed the humdrum of everyday Victorian life time and time again into a magical ‘Grimshaw’.


Alexandra Epps has been to speak to us many times. She's an Official Guide and Lecturer at Tate Modern, Tate Britain,  Guildhall Art Gallery and Pallant House Gallery. A qualified Guide to the City of London, offering lectures and walks about many aspects of the arts for societies, corporations and private individuals. She was a co-author of the book Lord Mayors' Portraits 1983-2014 (2015). Alexandra’s background is in design having practised as a graphic designer running her own design consultancy for many years. She has a BA from Saint Martins School of Art and an MA from the London College of Printing.

Alexandra Epps
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