The Making of Rodin

by Rosalind Whyte

Monday 13th September 2021

This talk focusses on Tate Modern’s landmark exhibition 'The Making of Rodin', made possible through a unique collaboration with the Musée Rodin, and features over two hundred works. The show explores the importance of plaster in his work and evokes the atmosphere of his studio, with plaster casts of all sizes, showing how he continually experimented with fragmentation, repetition and joining existing parts in unconventional ways.  Rodin broke the rules of classical sculpture, creating images of the human body that mirrored the ruptures, complexities and uncertainties of the modern age.  Some of his best-known works were influenced by this process, including The Burghers of Calais and The Thinker.

The exhibition at Tate Modern runs until 21st November 2021


Rosalind Whyte is a regular lecturer for us. She's an Accredited Lecturer for the Arts Society and has an impressive repertoire. It is fitting that Rosalind is our first post-pandemic 'real' lecturer as she delivered our final lecture, on Edward Burra, a few days before the first lockdown!

Rosalind Whyte