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Hampton Court Pleasure Palace

by Siobhan Clarke

Monday 27th September 2021

Hampton Court, as many of us know, comprises two palaces: the rose red brick of Henry VIII, and the classical Baroque of William of Orange, surrounded by some of the world’s greatest gardens. Both kings employed the finest craftsmen and artists so that the palace, grounds and stunning works of art express the image of a magnificent monarch. Powerful owners continued to shape the building and Victorian antiquarians preserved it so that it became the only great Tudor palace to survive. Dig a little deeper and you will find hidden stories, such as grace and favour, covering five hundred years of history in the corridors of royal power and pleasure.


Siobhan Clarke has worked for Historic Royal Palaces for 20 years delivering tours and lectures on Hampton Court, Kensington, the Tower of London and the Banqueting House. Her experience includes education sessions and tours for schools, universities, corporate and private clients.  

She has lectured for the British Museum, National Trust, U3A, Arts Society and Smithsonian and has featured on BBC Radio Women's Hour and Television's Secrets of Henry VIII's Palace. Her published work includes: A Tudor Christmas, in collaboration with Alison Weir, (2018), The Tudors: The Crown, The Dynasty, The Golden Age with Linda Collins (2019), King and Collector: Henry VIII and the Art of Kingship (2021) and she is currently working on Gloriana: Elizabeth I and the Art of Queenship.

Siobhan Clarke
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