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The Fabulous Wedding Chests of Florence

by Anna Warrillow

Monday 1st November 2021

From the Middle Ages onwards, wealthy Italian brides were given rich and showy wedding chests (cassoni) in which to keep their personal goods. These were important items of furniture and from the 15th century they were often highly decorated with paintings and reliefs telling some wonderful stories. Anna will take us on a journey into this fabulous world.


Anna Warrillow is a Blue Badge Guide and leads bespoke private tours in London. 

Her background is in art and history. She has a BA in Italian and History of Art, and an MA in Renaissance Decorative Arts and Design from the Royal College of Art. 

She worked as a curator in the Sculpture Department at the Victoria and Albert Museum as well as in smaller collections such as the Henry Moore Family Trust. She is also an Accredited Lecturer for the Arts Society and lectures at The American International University in Richmond

Anna Warrillow
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