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The Tube Mapper Project

by Luke Agbaimoni

Monday 18th September 2023

Over the past few years the extraordinary photographer, Luke Agbaimoni, has set himself the task of photographing every London Underground station in the Tube Mapper project. The Underground is the backbone of our metropolis and part of our identity. It’s a network of shared experiences and visual memories. The Tube Mapper project captures moments of subconscious recognition and overlooked interests, showcasing images that can be seen near or at every London tube station.The result are the most beautiful and clever depictions of the Tube. They combine colour, reflections, symmetry and a chance to create very memorable works of art. 


Luke Agbaimoni is an author, photographer and designer based in London. He has an arts background with a degree in graphic design. His photography however was self-taught after he had graduated.  He has a special love for dusk and night photography, enjoying the technical challenge of capturing low light images.

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