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Art Deco

Celebrating the 1925 Paris Expo 

by Pamela Campbell-Johnston

Monday 18th March 2024

In 1925, 16 million visitors visited the vast Expo in Paris which played a crucial role in launching the Art Deco movement. Pamela will take us on a virtual tour through some of the 15,000 exhibits from over twenty national pavilions. Apart from architecture, there were stunning examples of objets d’art, furniture, crystal and fine art. 


Pamela Campbell-Johnston has an MA Hons Art History, St Andrew's University. She has ben a lecturer for over 30 years, including to undergraduates, adult groups, and Friends and Patrons of the Royal Academy of Arts. Pamela has also conducted numerous guided tours, residential trips and gallery talks. She specialises in British Domestic Architecture and Modern British Art - with a particular love for the 1920s and 1930s. She is now a freelance art consultant and lecturer. Pamela has been to talk to us previously, most notably about the art collection at the Lansdowne Club which she curates

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